Passaddhi Meditation Centre  

Calm · Clarity · Contentment

Welcome to the Passaddhi Meditation Centre

Passaddhi is a small meditation centre outside Adrigole on the Beara Peninsula in the southwest of Ireland. Passaddhi overlooks Bantry Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, and is situated on a quiet hillside between Hungry Hill and the Sugarloaf Mountain. In 1996 Marjó Oosterhoff and her husband built it as their family home, and since 1999 meditation retreats take place at the house. Passaddhi (meaning ‘peace and tranquillity’) is the perfect environment to experience the calm, clarity and contentment meditation practice can bring.
Passaddhi seeks to make the teachings of the Buddha, and in particular the meditation practices of vipassana (mindfulness or insight), and metta (loving-kindness) available to as many people as possible, whether they are Buddhist or not.
Marjó Oosterhoff is the resident teacher and manager at Passaddhi. She has practised meditation (both vipassana and metta) for many years, in monasteries and meditation centres in Burma and Thailand, as well as in Buddhist retreat centres in the West. Her Thai and Burmese teachers authorised her to teach vipassana/mindfulness and metta/loving-kindness retreats.

Please email Marjó when you would like information about retreats or to request a booking form. Your email address will then be included in my emailing list. You can unsubscribe again at any time of course.

Passaddhi will be closed from early September 2019 to mid March 2020


Self-catering chalet

A self-catering chalet is available for personal retreats or as a base for exploring the area, from mid March to mid Sept.


Volunteer opportunities at Passaddhi Volunteers needed in spring 2020, for 3-4 days

Passaddhi was founded in the spirit of generosity, and is still supported by donations and voluntary work. In exchange for food and accommodation and/or retreat time, volunteers are welcome to come and do cleaning, painting and gardening work for a maximum of 4 days, from mid-March to mid-Sept. Please contact for details.

Upcoming Retreat

A Silent 4-day Retreat: Accessing Joy through Mindfulness and Compassion Meditation
25-28 October [Bankholiday Weekend], starting 8.00 pm on Friday October 25,
and finishing with lunch Monday October 28
Emmaus Centre, Swords, Co. Dublin
This silent retreat is a combination of Mindfulness (Vipassana) and Compassion (Metta) meditation practices, as well as practices of Joy and Gratitude.
Through developing awareness of body, mind and heart, in a tender, kind-hearted way, seeing through the judging mind, we begin to realise that we don’t need to add anything or take anything away; we are already completely and fully enough as we are right now, and we can learn to rejoice in that. We begin to get a taste of the contentment that comes from seeing that things are as they are. We learn to live more joyfully and harmoniously, with ourselves and with others.
This retreat is suitable for beginners and non-beginners, and is also suitable for those doing a teacher training in Mindfulness-Based Approaches, or for those Mindfulness and Compassion teachers who would like to support their meditation practice.
Bookings with Emmaus Centre or tel 01 8700050